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If you’re looking for a new centre to call home, our extended whānau are looking for passionate Early Childhood Education (ECE) Teachers who are creative, empowering and positive. 

Early Childhood Education attracts a special type of person. You might be known for being creative, nurturing or task focused… but ultimately, you were attracted to Early Childhood Education because you care deeply for the education of the littlest members of our communities. We understand this, because this is what attracted us too. 

Our desire is to gather people who care deeply about quality, and then empower those people to bring their unique gifts and talents together for the benefit of our tamariki. We value each member of our team, and we know that by supporting you in your journey, you’ll be the positive and supportive influence in theirs.

At Provincial Education, we are exceptionally proud to offer our ‘Wellbeing at Provincial’ programme. Throughout the year, we launch new initiatives and organisational focuses with our centres and teams to put a special emphasis on supporting the overall wellbeing of our staff as individuals. Our wellbeing initiatives can range from mental health or EAP counselling, to focusing on the importance of relationships, sleep and gut health! We know you give so much as educators, so our initiative concentrates around supporting you to give back to yourself.

We recognise the importance of investing in you, as you invest in our tamariki. Alongside our Wellbeing Programme, we have other benefits like:

  • A comprehensive induction programme with regular and ongoing mentoring and professional development which includes a generous PLD budget where you can choose PLD for your own learning
  • A generous Teacher in Training incentive programme which provides financial assistance during your study journey
  • Full payment of Teacher Registration costs, First Aid and Food Safety Certificates
  • Discounted Childcare Fees
  • Free Flu Vaccinations
  • We will be opting into Pay Parity from January 2022

Our core values are what brings us all together, as one. Each value holds it’s own special meaning and inspires the way we choose to do things. We believe these are a true reflection of how we put people first in everything we do. At Provincial Education, our positive team culture is felt throughout the entire organisation, and is very evident among our friendly Support Office Team, Regional Managers and CEO. Learn about what our team have to say. We invite you to take a minute to watch the video below to hear for yourself.

If you are looking for a new early childhood centre to call home, our extended whānau are looking for passionate educators, just like you! With over 70 centres from Coopers Beach to Timaru, we have a community of teachers ready to welcome you. With a choice of Montessori, Reggio Emelia and Free Play centres, there is so much that awaits you when you join our team. 

Slide WHY WORK FOR PROVINCIAL EDUCATION? Looking for the perfect centre to call home?
Learn what benefits are available to you when you join the Provincial Education whānau...
Slide EXTENSIVE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES WITH PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GROWTH No matter what the role entails, you can join our Provincial Education whānau with full confidence that you will have the right tools and support required to help see you succeed within your role. We offer an abundance of extensive career opportunities with personal and professional growth, tailored to suit your individual aspirations. Equal to this, you will be just as empowered to utilise your own professional experience and personal magic to see your centre thrive, alongside your team of capable teachers. Slide REQUIRE SUPPORT WITH YOUR TEACHER REGISTRATION? Our ‘Wellbeing at Provincial’ Education Programme focuses on putting YOU first. We provide a Professional Mentoring Programme and offer Financial Support for your Registration Costs Slide OUR ‘WELLBEING AT PROVINCIAL’ EDUCATION PROGRAMME FOCUSES ON PUTTING YOU FIRST Slide ALL PROVINCIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS AND EMPLOYEES HAVE ACCESS TO EAP SERVICES With free professional and confidential counselling services available to you whenever you need Slide FINANCIAL PACKAGES AND BONUSES AVAILABLE FOR OUR TEACHERS IN TRAINING For our Teachers in Training, our Financial Support Programme includes Paid Practicums*, Study Support Bonus for 1st Year Students and Paid Study Fees Up To $5,000 for Final Year Students

Spread your wings, pack your positive attitude and align yourself with an organisation who is ready to welcome you warmly into a new career journey of support, growth, empowerment, positivity and of course… fun!

Regardless of our robust business policies, processes and procedures that sit behind the scenes, our leadership model at Provincial Education focuses on empowering our Centre Managers to lead their team to make decisions and operate their centres with a tailored approach that best reflects the needs and interests of their community. This allows them to retain and maintain their own unique identities. However, all centres are supported by a Regional Manager who offers ongoing and regular senior guidance and we also have a Support Office in Orewa who work alongside our centres to offer direct assistance around Property, Human Resources, Recruitment, IT, Marketing and Finance. 

Slide BEING PART OF OUR EXTENDED WHĀNAU MEANS... Being part of our extended whānau with local sister centres around your area means opportunities and support is always just a quick phone call away. At Provincial Education, we are proud to have a wonderful network of Centre Managers and Teachers. With the shared goal of providing outstanding learning outcomes for all tamariki, our centres within our different communities regularly collaborate and work closely together in support of one another. Doing this provides our centres and their teams with plenty of shared professional learning experiences, staffing support, extensive career opportunities and the list goes on.  Slide LOOKING FOR AN ADVENTURE OR NEW CHALLENGE? As the need arises, we often have opportunities for our Registered Teachers to travel and support in other Provincial Education centres around New Zealand, with all travel and accommodation expenses paid for.

We have found this to be a perfect chance for those with flexible lifestyles or seeking a new adventure and looking to further their personal and professional experiences. 
Slide RELOCATING TO A NEW AREA WITHIN NEW ZEALAND? If you decide to move to a new area, we will do our best to continue your employment at another Provincial Education centre that is convenient for you.

Whilst a transfer is not always guaranteed, we will do everything we can to help make this a possibility for you.